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Subme - Qualcomm Accelerator Company

Company: | Location: San Diego - Lindberg Field International, CA


I am an expert marketer and sales professional looking for a front and backend development engineer with experience in app development.

Subme is a recreational sports app with 14k users that offers players a way to try new sports while increasing league registration revenues for sports organizations.

To encourage health and wellness through sports and social activity. Subme gives people more opportunities to participate in the sports they enjoy, which leads to healthier and happier lives.

Subme operations were paused during COVID, but we are now ready to begin the project again. The Full Stack Developer will be responsible for fixing bugs, creating functionality, and creating payment processing and more. You will have a development advisor with very little interaction or guidance from him. You must be able to perform all expected duties without supervision or counsel.

Subme has won numerous awards to date and is ready to relaunch!