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Motivation – 10 Ways To Motivate Your People

Whilst the title infers that this article is intended for people in leadership only, I believe anyone who works with other people needs to know how to motivate others in order to get results. I share some observations on the kind of things that will motivate people to do better. For those in leadership, you must practice what you preach and others would want to be just like you. You become an inspiration to them.

1. Be a battery charger. Motivation is like a battery, if someone is to stay motivated, they need to keep recharging. As a leader you need to find ways to renew the strength of your team.

2. Enrich the employee’s job if you are the boss. Surely, even the most challenging task can end being a boring and mindless affair. Adding variations to the task and possibly rotating employees may infuse new life and enthusiasm particularly to a long – serving member of the team who has nothing new to learn.

3. Link rewards to performance. Treating everyone the same where there is difference in effort may discourage your “high flyers”. The incentives may not be monetary but should be significant enough to warrant additional effort.

4. The leaders’ job is to unlock the potential in those that follow him. The leader needs to be a “fire – lighter” who will provide the spark to light up others in his team. Enthusiasm is contagious and it starts with you.

5. People from whom little is expected give little. When people are stretched they never return to how they were before. Identify certain individuals and give them something more challenging to do and you’ll be surprised by the outcome and you develop your team’s capabilities.

6. People with meaningful goals are motivated. Relate the corporate goal of the team to the personal aspirations of team members and you will find that they are motivated because of “whats in it for them”.

7. A sense of ownership and stewardship is necessary for a team member to contribute effectively to the cause. When the team wins the glory must be shared by the team. Some leaders want all the recognition for themselves and that is not a good thing.

8. As a leader you may be doing all you can, but some people do not just have it. The writer of Proverbs says that the labourers’ apetite works for him, maening that it starts first with the individual. It does not matter how delicious or good the food is. If someone does not have an apetite, there is nothing much you can do for them.

9. Empowered people are motivated people because they can solve problems. It is true of frontline customer service people. They need to be empowered to make some decisions without consulting a lot because it irritates customers and frustrates your people.

10. Recognized people perform better. It can be a letter to congratulate a team member on a fine effort. That gesture can spur that person to greater and more meaningful effort. Conversely, where no recognition exists people cease to go the extra mile.

Motivated people make meaning ful contribution to any team. Identify three things you are going to do differently that will make your team motivated to do more, be more and have more.

Source by Fitzgerald Mujuru